Happy Clients


The company had to hire crews to do the digging and get extra help with replacing all of the grass and had an additional landscaper come out to do additional work to return the front yard to the original condition. Several people stopped by and complimented the job Shorty's Plumbing and Drain Doctors did. We were impressed with the attention to detail and speed that this plumbing problem was corrected.

Montgomery, TX 77356

This company put all new water pipes under my house. It was a tight squeeze for them, or anyone, but they said they didn't mind because "that's what they do". After going without water in my house for several days waiting for another company to get here, I gave up and called these people. Shorty came out the same day and gave me the estimate. The next day they came out here and completely finished everything in one day! Needless to say I was so impressed with their professionalism and efficiency. I can't praise this company enough!

sharon george
Montgomery, TX 77316

Excellent, excellent service, and a very fair price. Shorty (the Owner) was on location every day to check the progress and answer any questions we had. The crew were all very knowledgeable and pleasant. I would highly recommend this company for any plumbing work!!!

Lisbeth Dunn
Spring, TX 77389

Shorty is phenomenal!! He is very professional - covered his shoes before he set foot in my home! Drained my hot water heater and showed me how to do it myself. He also advised me to never use the bleach tablets in my toilet tank - they cause wear and tear on parts and the tablet can get sucked down into my bowl and disrupt water flow. I never knew! Shorty is such an honest guy and educates his customers on how to perform proper maintenance on water heaters, all shut off valves under sinks, a/c pan drains, etc. He is so knowledgeable and wants to pass his experience along to unaware homeowners. I had NO CLUE I was supposed to flush my water heater every year!

Courtney Weidner
Conroe TX 77304

He arrived when he said he would and got the work done pretty quickly, probably would have gone faster if I hadn't been under foot. He took the old water heater with him so I didn't have to keep it in my garage until the heavy trash day.

gary mann
Spring TX, 77043